Ultralight and Light MDF

Here at Booker timber we are experts in MDF and composite timbers. When you need a timber that is light in weight and economical, then our light and ultra light MDF boards may be just what you need.

Our light and ultra light MDF has the same smooth surface and stability that you will have come to expect from standard thickness MDF, and like normal MDF, it can be painted to provide an excellent surface quality and uniformity plus, it is ideal for substrate overlaying.

We have a wide range of lightweight and ultra lightweight MDF board in standard sizes (2440 mm x 1220 mm and 3050 mm x 1220 mm) in the following thickness; 25mm, 18mm, 15mm, 12mm, and, (in 2440x1220 only), 9mm.

Properties and Uses

Light and ultra light MDF is a specialised variant of MDF which is easier to handle, causes less wear on your tools and machines and provide you with a much lighter product.

This material is used widely in the production of mobile homes, picture frames, furniture, shop fitting, aircraft, shipbuilding and exhibition stands, walls and ceilings.

Standards and Conditioning of Light MDF

Fully FSC certified, our ultra light and light MDF board complies with modern standards such as BSEN 622, parts 1 and 5. It is fire class rated euro class D within European classifications and is responsibly sourced from renewable forestry resources.

As with all of our MDF boards, we recommend that these panels should be conditioned in the environment they are going to be installed in 4 to 3 days before cutting, fixing and painting.

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