We have invested in state of the art CNC machinery coupled with powerful software to enable us to produce fast, accurate and efficient solutions to your panel requirements nationwide.

Our CNC Beam saws are amongst the largest in the UK. We have the capacity and experience to handle and cut sheets up to 6.0m long and up to 4.0m wide, with board thicknesses up to 90mm.We can cut to within 0.1mm accuracy.

We can cut or router the following panel products: MDF, chipboard, plywood, OSB (orientated strand board), hardboard, MFC (melamine faced chipboard). The beam saws will also cut plasterboard and most types of plastic panels.

SAVINGS: Our optimisation software will calculate the most efficient way to cut the boards where different sizes are required, thereby reducing waste costs and minimising the number of boards required.

Our blade configuration and quality control ensures products such as melamine faced panels are chip free.

We can pack, label, plastic wrap and strap to your exact specification. We take pride in presentation and accuracy.  We can cope with large or small volumes.

We can use our own sourced material or process your free issue.

Manufacturing precision machined components is utilized by our CNC Routing Machines. This is coupled with powerful software and a highly trained programming team.

Our CNC Routers can accept boards of  3660mm x 1525mm to which we can drill, groove, shape, profile, and chamfer.

We have taken projects from hand sketches and developed them into manufactured components.  However, we usually receive emailed .dwg or .dxf files. Just send them to

We have experience in providing solutions to many requests from large and small Companies.

For example segregation pieces for the packaging industry and strange shapes for the airline construction industry.

Whatever industry you are in we look forward to your enquiries just complete our online enquiry form.


FAQ: How accurate can you cut sheet material?
Answer: To within 0.1mm. 

FAQ: What is the largest board size you can cut and how thick?
Answer: 6000mm long by 4000mm wide and up to 90mm thick.

FAQ: Can I send in a full articulated wagon with sheet materials for cutting? 
Answer: Yes we do this all the time, our turnaround time is fast but will depend upon the cutting specification.

FAQ: I want you to cut a full load of MDF sheets to my specification, label, repack, plastic wrap, strap on my pallets ready for me to collect. Can you do this?
Answer: Yes we can send us your cutting and repacking specifications so we can advise you on pricing and timing.

FAQ: What is the largest size board you can router?
Answer: 3660mm x 1525mm

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