Flame Retardent MDF

For some building and construction applications you need the best flame proof material you can get, without breaking the bank. You need solid reliable timber product that is lightweight economical and easy to cut and shape.

Specifications of Flame Retardant MDF

Our Euro Class B & C is an MDF panel for use in environments where a Class B or a Class C flame retardant board is needed to be in compliance with UK building regulations. This is one of Booker Timber’s high performance MDF products.

Flame Resistant Euro Class B & C, BS 476 part 6 & 7  (Fire Propagation Test) panels are ideally suited for use as partitions, wall linings ceilings, display panels and in  installations such as, offices, hotel foyers, schools, hospitals, court houses, public libraries, theatres, cinemas and clubs.  Our Flame resistant MDF is unsuitable for structural or external applications and exposure to moisture or humidity.

 Our FR MDF Euro Class B & C is intended primarily for use in dry and internal conditions as defined in EN 622 part 5. These MDF Boards are suitable for use in Hazard Class 1 EN 335-3. You can easily recognize our flame resistant MDF boards by their distinctive inner core colours, which are either red or pink.

Available in 1220 x 2440mm standard size in 4, 6, 9,12, 15,18 & 25mm Thicknesses.

 All of our FR MDF boards are FSC certified and manufactured to BSEN: 622 Parts I and V Euro Class B & C standards.


In any installation we recommend that you allow these boards 2-4 days for the humidity levels to stabilize before finishing/painting these boards.

Due to the nature of this material and the fine dust it creates, always observe safety precautions when cutting/sanding MDF and use eye protection and dust masks and when using power tools to use dust collection bags.

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