Flexible MDF

Here at Booker Timber we have a range of Flexible or Bendy MDF products, ideal when you need to construct an even curved surface. 

Our flexible MDF is available in 1220 x 600mm sheets with a thickness of 6mm and is strong and lightweight. The flex or bend can be orientated either in landscape or portrait. It is compliant with UK E1 emissions regulations CE marked and UK building regulations approved.

How is it Made?

Constructed from wood fibres it has a sanded smooth surface completely free of defects ideal for architectural projects and precision manufacture (for interior use only) It is a highly versatile artificial timber that is very popular due to its strength to weight ratio and being so economical. 

Our flexible MDF panels are made from standard MDF panels with parallel saw cuts on one face allowing them to bend in both directions, allowing you to construct perfect geometric curves that would be difficult to produce with standard timber or ply without a frame.

How do I Use Flexible MDF?

Our flexible MDF panels have great screw holding properties and are ideally suited to making curved alcoves, arches, curved screens, bar fronts, even office and home furniture such as pelmets curved bath panels and wall niches.

It can be finished with almost any type of paint or varnish, water or oil based. As MDF produces fine dust when sawed or sanded we recommend you use eye protection and a dust mask for safety and to use dust extractors when using power tools with MDF.

If you need more strength in the material you can glue two sheets of flexible MDF together back to back and this can eliminate the need for any framework and produce a free standing curved surface that is smooth and lightweight.

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