Perforated MDF

As well as flexible MDF we also stock a range of Perforated MDF board in 1220 x 2440mm standard size, in 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, and 15mm thicknesses.

Our perforated MDF boards are machine routed in a number of highly attractive designs where air and light is required to pass through the panels. It has a pre sanded finish and can be coated with virtually any type of paint or varnish for superb and visually appealing results.

Perforated MDF Applications

It is ideal for covering ugly radiators while allowing warm air to circulate freely.

It is also ideally suited to the making of screens and panels and can make an attractive decorative statement in any room or fitted furnishing. Our Perforated MDF panels allow air to circulate and the formation of beautiful patterns of light and shade that when strategically placed near a light source, can totally transform the atmosphere of any room.

Perforated MDF can also be used to make screens and dividers and can add a decorative touch to furniture building. In fact this material has so many potential applications in design there seems to be almost no limit to the creative applications and projects these perforated panels can offer, with a bit of imagination.

We recommend that MDF panels are used only for interior projects and to observe safety precautions when cutting or sanding MDF due to the fine dust this creates.

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