Oil Tempered Hardboard

At Booker Timber we stock Oil tempered hardboard in 2 standard sizes, 2440mm x 1220mm in 3.2mm and 6mm thickness.

This is another product that we ensure we have large quantities of in stock as it is always in demand.

Making Oil Tempered Hardboard

This is a high quality panel used extensively in the commercial packing industry as well as construction and building.

This is a board that is manufactured taking a standard hardboard and impregnating it with a special oil which is then polymerized during the heat treatment process, giving it increased moisture resistance as well as increased flexibility allowing the timber to be bent more than standard hardboard would allow. This flexibility has resulted in it being used a lot in the construction of skateboard ramps and tunnels. It was also used extensively in the manufacture of clipboards although now replaced with plastic.

This tempering process leaves no trace whatsoever of the oil that has been impregnated into the timber so it is fine for finishing although we recommend using a solvent or oil based finishing product.

Some Applications of Oil Tempered Hardboard

Recently this type of board has been gaining favour amongst the artists’ community as an alternative to the traditional canvas for doing acrylic as well as oil paintings on often for large scale renderings for public display boards.

It is ideally suited to flooring underlay, sign making, roof and internal wall linings and fascias.

It comes ready sanded with a smooth facing and a mesh backing. We stock oil tempered hardboard in standard plain and white.

Visually, tempered hardboard is much darker in colour than standard hardboard and this is due to the oil tempering process. So it is highly moisture and impact resistant, as well as having great tensile strength so it is less likely to crack or split under pressure.

All of our hardboards including oil tempered are responsibly sourced as well as PEFC certified.

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