Softwood Plywood

We also have a wide range of softwood plywood boards, one of our most popular boards is our Coniferous plywood an ideal non- structural building board (EN636-2 grade) 12mm & 18mm thickness, 1220mm x 2440mm FSC certified. This is a very versatile plywood board highly suited to non load- bearing building work – it comes with a sanded finish.

For outdoor use we have a range of coniferous plywood boards which are weather boiled proof (WBP) and these are safe to have exposed for long periods of time to moisture and weather and is certified structural grade plywood CE2+

Same sizes of boards as above (1220 x 2440) but in 9, 12, 18 and 25mm thickness.

WBP Plywood

Ideally suited to concrete form work we have a range of Weather Boiled Proof Plywood that can withstand long periods of exposure to moisture and weather as well as structurally reliable enough for this highly demanding working environment.

Again available in standard 1220 x 2440mm size in 18mm thickness, this is a plywood you can rely on for your concrete forming and you will find it will often be useable for other applications after formwork (we would always advise you to use the appropriate releasing oil in this case to ease release from the dried concrete)

Softwood Ply Sizes

Spruce Plywood is also a popular choice for walls, roofs, floors packing and furniture making. We stock this softwood ply in 12,18 and 24mm thicknesses in the 600x2440mm as well as standard size (1220 x 2440mm), certified to BS 5268 (part2).

It is standard structural grade plywood and suitable for structural paneling applications and complies with UK building regulations for this purpose.

Our twin plywood boards are made from Spruce and Birch the birch wood being the face timber which is also available in 1220 x 2440mm in 9, 12, 18 & 24mm thickness.

All of our softwood plywood boards are of a consistently high quality and are checked and audited regularly to ensure you can expect only the highest quality at all times and available for next day delivery.

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