Here at Booker Timber we have a great selection of Blockboard. Blockboard is one of our most popular and economical timbers, used a lot for making shelves, doors, tables and partitions.

Blockboard is made from strips of softwood (usually spruce or poplar) glued together and sandwiched between two layers of hardwood. This is done at high temperature and pressure, producing a strong durable timber that has great screw holding properties and is highly resistant to warping. Intended primarily for interior use, it is available in a number of veneers and finishes.

Uses of Blockboard

Our blockboard panels are available in 30mm and 60mm thickness, in standard (1220 x 2440mm) size. We recommend when painting to cover both sides, as this will have the effect of equalizing the surface tension and preserve the timber for the longest time.

We also recommend that for making things like doors and shelves, you make sure you have the core grain running lengthways, this will ensure that the timber has the maximum strength and resistance to warping. Because it is so stable and less prone to bending when used for making doors, tables and shelves and because it is so lightweight and economical it has become the first choice for these applications.

All of our blockboard panels are sourced from sustainable resources and are fully compliant with UK building regulations.


Another popular and similar product we stock is Laminboard which looks quite similar to blockboard, but it is manufactured using smaller strips of softwood and the outer veneers (usually birchwood) are set at right angles rather than the grain running in the same direction.

Again, this is a popular choice when it comes to shelves, doors, partitioning and table making, the cross ply outer veneer giving the timber extra strength, although like blockboard it is only suitable for interior use and again needs to be finished on both sides.

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