Perforated Hardboards

Our range of perforated hardboards are always in big demand. We have them in plain and white, standard size – 2440mm x 1220mm 3mm thickness.

They are perforated with 4mm holes drilled at 19mm intervals, made from standard hardboard one side being smooth sanded the other being a softer pressed mesh pattern, unsanded and plain.

Like all of our hardboards, they are made from recycled fibres with a resin added, a thin layer of special oil has been baked in to give it a degree of moisture resistance, as well as strength and rigidity.

Manufacture and Applications of Perforated Hardboard

These boards are manufactured to a very high standard and ideally suited for use in shops, warehouses and retail outlets as well as product display areas. The pre drilled holes are intended for mounting hooks or pegs for convenience of mounting products display materials or tools.

Also known as pegboard, it is intended exclusively for interior use, it is often used in the manufacture of furniture, shop fittings, window displays, display  stands for exhibitions and galleries.

These boards can be cut to your specific sizes and shapes  as required, they can be re sanded if necessary and will accept any type of finishing either oil or water based. We do recommend only using these in dry, indoor conditions and not over loading with items that are too heavy for the boards to support to avoid cracking,. The presence of moisture will drastically reduce the load bearing properties of this material so care needs to be taken in this are.

FSC certified.

All of our hardboard products are responsibly sourced and FSC certified. If you have any questions regarding the perforated hardboard that we stock, please contact us we will always be happy to help.

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