Flame Retardent Plywood

All our flame retardant plywoods are construction industry graded, meaning that they all comply with current UK building regulations.

All our plywoods are constructed from individually treated laminates that are assembled after chemical fire retardant treatment and then a secondary fire resistant treatment is applied. This makes them well suited to applications where the highest achievable level of fire resistance is required, such as in the construction of public buildings, interior finishing, yacht and boat building and exhibition stands.

Fire Resistant Plywood

Due to our manufacturers patented two stage fire resistant treatment the fire retardant plywood panels we stock offer the highest degree of fire resistance.

They are 100% flame retardant due to the additional ceramic material coatings sandwiched between the laminated layers of hardwood, which will harden when exposed to flame, preventing combustion in the inner layers of the material.

Fire Resistance Standards

Our flame retardant plywood timber panels are ideally suited to higher risk areas including stairways, ceilings and walls and escape routes where the timber is required to offer the highest possible fire retardant properties in accordance with BS 476: Part 7 or Euroclass C in accordance with BS EN 13501-1:2002.

All of our flame retardant plywood products are regularly audited and guaranteed to be in full accordance with EN13986 Attestation System 1 so you can be sure that they will perform exactly as expected.

Euroclass B & C products are manufactured to EN 13986 System of Attestation 1.

Our FR Plywoods are all  BS 476, Class 1 and EN 13501‐1 Euroclasses B & C attested.

Advice on Applications

If you need plywood that is not only fire retardant, but also suited for high humidity, dry interior or external construction use, we have the ideal product for your needs. 

If required we can provide you with test programme evidence to support the performance claims by our manufacturers.

We have an extensive range of flame retardant plywoods available as well as trained and highly experienced expert technical advisors ready to help you make the most suitable choice for your project.

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