T & G Plywood

The Tongue and Groove plywood we supply at Booker Timber is made to order and is available in a range of thicknesses and is ideally suited to flooring and paneling.

It will normally come with a pre sanded face panel and always has a machined groove along at least one edge and a matching  “tongue” along the opposite edge to fit together as if it was one continuous surface. It can be used in structural and non- structural flooring projects and paneling as it is strong and durable.

Applications of T&G Plywood

Whatever the application we have the right T&G Plywood for the job; for floors, ceilings, walls, paneling or decking out your marine project, we have the right plywood for your project. 

Tongue and groove has always been the timber of choice when you need to cover an area that is fairly wide and you don’t want to use a massive single sheet, it can often be more convenient and cost effective to use T&G and the results are often excellent.

We continually monitor and audit the quality of our T&G boards to ensure they are consistently of the highest quality plus we value our professional reputation, so you can be sure of excellent products and superb customer service.

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