Chipboard T & G Flooring

At Booker Timber we have an excellent range of T&G chipboard flooring panels. All of our tongue and groove chipboard floor panels are moisture resistant (P5). The size of panels we stock are X 2400mm X 600mm, 18mm and 22mm thickness.

Applications of T and G Chipboard

These are the boards of choice for flooring applications when you are looking for the added strength that comes from the boards being securely slotted and glued together at the joins and then nailed or screwed down to the floor joists.

These boards can be used in all sorts of flooring applications including bathrooms and kitchens, they are also a very popular choice for flooring in confined spaces like lofts. Being so narrow and lightweight this material is considerably easier to handle in a tight spot! It has a smooth sanded surface and being so dense in construction it will offer a considerable degree of both thermal and acoustic insulation.

Standards and Specifications

All our chipboard flooring panels are made from recycled materials, responsibly sourced from renewable forestry, conforming to UK construction standards EN312-P5 and EN13986, CE marked ideally suited for indoor construction use only.

Our flooring panels all Conform to modern production and environmental standards and are regularly audited for consistent quality.

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