Here at Booker Timber we have 3 grades of Oriented Strand Boards OSB, OSB2 & OSB3 - All three grades are available in standard size – 2440mm x 1220mm 9mm thickness.

Oriented Strand Board is a precision-engineered timber panel that, in many cases, is superior to plywood due to its consistent defect- free texture.  It is manufactured in a similar way to plywood from three layers of wood strands that are bonded together with resin and the grains are set in opposing directions for added strength. It is also cheaper than the plywood equivalent.

Why use OSB?

What makes it so popular is that it is so hard wearing and ideally suited to structural applications where the humidity is higher. Our OSB complies with E1 standard (EN13986) and the resin use in its construction is guaranteed to be low in formaldehyde.

It is very easy to cut either with power or hand tools, easy to sand and finish, has great nail and screw holding abilities. You can apply nails as close as 9mm from the edge and it will not split, which is a big advantage.

Panels can be glued together with PVA glue and  water or oil/solvent based finishes and paints acn be applied. We always recommend that you water condition these boards prior to installation. You can sand both sides

Sourcing and Standards

It is manufactured to a very high standard, is strong, durable and lightweight, perfect for use in applications such as flooring, decking (for flat roofs) and wall sheathing, fitting out van interiors.

It has great moisture resistant capabilities and can be used for structural load bearing applications due to its uniform structure, completely  free of any defects and precision engineered.

All of our oriented strand boards are guaranteed responsibly sourced and FSC certified, we regularly audit our stocks at source to ensure that they are of a consistently high quality at least twice a year. If you have any questions regarding these products feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help.

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