Moisture Resistant and Exterior MDF

Here at Booker Timber we stock a wide range of popular MDF products including Exterior and Moisture Resistant MDF boards in 4, 9, 12, 15, 18, 22 & 25mm thickness and standard 1220 x 2440mm sizes.

Our Moisture resistant MDF is designed for use in external applications including door parts, garden furniture and fittings, outdoor display stands, panel boards for sports venues, exterior sign building, boat interior fittings, shop fronts and any kind of external woodwork.

How is it Made?

Moisture resistant MDF is manufactured in the same way as standard MDF just that a moisture repellent chemical process is mixed with the fibres. The fibres are dry pressed into boards and layered for added strength.

The finished board contains moisture resistant resins and a wax emulsion, so it is ideal for environments where a degree of moisture is expected but is not suitable for full immersion in water.

Fully FSC certified the fibres are made from recycled timber products from offcuts, sawdust and the like and so can be seen as a green product. It is easy to work with, has no knots, grain or imperfections so is totally consistent in its texture, easy to form and shape, sands to a nice even finish and is lightweight and economical.

Where is Exterior MDF Used?

It is ideally suited to use in bathrooms and kitchens and exterior use, fully EN13986 compliant gives great screw holding properties, it is easy to cut sand and finish with just about any kind of paint or varnish. It can be used as a substitute for plywood, soft or hardwood, even plastic or metal in some cases. 

Care should always be taken whenever cutting MDF either with hand or power tools as the fine dust is known to be a health hazard so we always recommend the use of respirators and eye protection and that the material is always cut in an area that is well ventilated. When using power tool always use dust collector bags.

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