Pin Boards

Booker timber supply high quality pinboard in standard size 1220mm x 2440mm in 6mm thickness. It is intended for interior use where pins are going to be inserted to support documents, pictures, notices etc.

It is densely compacted and comes ready sanded for a smooth finish.  Our pinboards are purpose- made to be easy to insert pins and guaranteed to hold them in securely. It can be easily cut to size with power tools or a hand saw with a fine toothed blade.

 Our recycled pinboards all Comply with EN623 standard and is sourced entirely from recycled newsprint and waste paper products. Waste paper and newsprint is by far the best source for recycled material to make pinboard from as it is so dense, it gives just the right texture for holding pins and is strong, lightweight, durable and very economical.

Applications of Pinboard

It has a surface that is soft to the touch while being extremely durable and can be re sanded to restore the surface when needed. Available in plain grey colour, it can be painted or finished with any oil or water based paint or finish, it is responsibly sourced and is a genuine recycled product.

For making framed pin board we also stock a wide range of framing materials in plastic, aluminium and, of course timber. Plus a range of ready- made pinboards in sizes to suit any environment.  Our pinboards are ideally suited for use in the all sorts of environments like schools or universities, offices and all types of public locations.

If have a question about the Pinboard we stock or need advice please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to hear from you.

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