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Booker Timber are very experienced in the machining of Chipboard Sheet, Melamine Faced Chipboard, Chipboard T and G Flooring, and OSB (Orientated Strand Board).

Our Speciality Boards include Pinboards, Hardboards and Softboards. See more information below and links to full pages.

Melamine Faced Chipboard

Melamine Faced Chipboard is ideally suited to indoor use in applications like shelving, where price is an important feature as well as being light in weight, durable and easy to clean.

Being so economical it is a popular choice for building shelves and inexpensive self- assembly furniture plus kitchen furniture and wardrobes . Click for more about Melamine Faced Chipboard

Chipboard T and G Flooring

Chipboard T and G Flooring are the boards of choice for flooring applications when you are looking for the added strength that comes from the boards being securely slotted and glued together at the joints and then nailed or screwed down to the floor joist. More about Chipboard T and G Flooring

Chipboard sheet

Chipboard sheet is a highly versatile panel board that is ideally suited to construction and engineering in a wide range of applications.

It is one of our most popular products and is always in demand. For more about Chipboard sheet click here.

OSB or Oriented Strand Board

Oriented Strand Board is a precision-engineered timber panel that, in many cases, is superior to plywood due to its consistent defect- free texture. For more about Oriented Strand Board click here


Pinboard is intended for interior use where pins are going to be inserted to support documents, pictures, notices etc.It is densely compacted and comes ready sanded for a smooth finish.

Our pinboards are purpose- made to be easy to insert pins and guaranteed to hold them in securely. It can be easily cut to size with power tools or a hand saw with a fine toothed blade or can be supplied cut to any shape. For More about our Pinboards click here.


We supply a wide range of hardboards including Standard Grade, Perforated, Oil Tempered and White Painted, cut to any shape. For full details of our range - click here for our Hardboards Section.


Softboard is a low density multi purpose board made from recycled wood fibre.

Due to the way it is manufactured it contains a vast number of interconnected air pockets which make it a great insulator for both heat ands sound. For full details of our Softboard procucts - click here.

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