Booker Timber always have a plentiful supply of softboard (Insulation board) panels in stock. In standard size, 2440mmm x 1220mm in 9mm 12mm, 18mm and 25mm thickness.

We offer these boards in two surface textures – smooth or dimpled in cream or medium brown colours.

Applications of Softboards

Softboard is a low density multi purpose board made from recycled wood fibre. Due to the way it is manufactured it contains a vast number of interconnected air pockets which make it a great insulator for both heat ands sound. Hence it is a favourite in many industries for backing and insulation boards in recording studios and auditoriums.

Ideally suited to interior applications such as wall lining, ceiling panels, display boards, backing boards, packaging, underlay for flooring as well as roof lining panels.

Because of its excellent thermal and acoustic properties it is commonly used for insulation panels and partitions for homes, offices and factories alike.  Ideally suited to dry indoor applications, it will lose its insulating abilities if it gets wet, overall however, it is very strong and durable.

Manufacture and Supply of Softboards

Our softboard panels are manufactured from renewable forestry and so are responsibly sourced, FSC certified.

We supply these boards ready sanded, smooth surfaced, they are excellent for door panels, partition panels, anti drum lining, as well as packaging. It is easy to handle, can be easily cut with a blade, sawed or machined, compatible with the same materials as standard timber boards so it can be bonded with adhesive or nails and screws.

It has great screwholding abilities and can be finished with any type of standard timber finish, either water or synthetic/oil based. Because it is so strong it is ideally suited as a base timber for expansion joints and is widely used in schools, homes, offices, displays and shows for display boards.

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