Climbing Walls

If you are setting up or expanding a climbing wall you need to talk to us!

We have been machining BB Grade Birch Plywood for Climbing Wall systems since 2008.


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Most clients prefer to use 18mm thick BB Grade Birch Plywood due to the high quality of the board / panel. However we can also offer the same drilling but in a good Far Eastern grade WBP plywood which would be cheaper.

Typically clients ask for 8' x 4' boards but we can supply larger boards.

We can machine any configuration of holes to meet your requirements, typically 100 holes per board.

We can prime, paint or laquer your drilled climbing wall boards.

We can supply the "T" nuts for the mountings.

We can supply the timber for your framework as well.

We deliver Nationwide in the UK and can arrange delivery to Europe and beyond.

Give “Sales” a call on 0333 123 1290  to discuss further.

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