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Booker Timber Ltd is an Independent Timber Merchant mainly supplying the Industrial sector nationally as well as the Trade and DIY sector in the NW.

We have a vast range of timber related products and pride ourselves on sourcing the difficult. Choose from the buttons above to navigate around our site.

We are proud of our experience and knowledge. Use our enquiry form to contact us for advice, information or place an order. We also have FAQs on each page to help you.


FAQ: What are your opening times?  For collections and deliveries we are open between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

FAQ: How accurate can you cut my sheet material? To within 0.1mm. Check out our Cutting Section for more details.

FAQ: What is the largest board size you can cut and how thick? 5400mm long by 4000mm wide and up to 90mm thick.Check out our Cutting Section.

FAQ: If I give you some dimensions can you calculate the material requirements for my decking project? Yes we can and give you a quotation. Why not fill in the online enquiry form and check out our Decking Section.



FAQ: Do you stock anti slip boards? Yes with a choice of mesh, hexagon or circular patterned phenolic faced anti slip surfaces, available in various sizes. Check out our Sheets Section and fill in the online enquiry form.


FAQ: Do you stock real wood veneered boards?Yes we have a wide range. Check out our Veneered Section to see the different species.


State of the Art Cutting Equipment

We aim to be different by offering a Nationwide specialist sheet material cutting, routering and machining service.

Our large computerised robotic routers are capable of cutting shapes from sheet material, chamfering and drilling.

We have some of the largest beam saws in the UK for cutting sheet materials not only timber related products but also plastic and plasterboard. Ensure you click on our “Cutting services” button to learn more.


FAQ: Do you stock melamine faced chipboard (MFC)? Yes, check out our Veneered Section to view the different colours send us an enquiry via the online form.


FAQ: Can you supply machined hardwood? Yes we can just use the online enquiry form and we can advise you on availability and cost. Check out our Timber Section.


FAQ: My Company specifies that we purchase plywood from environmentally friendly sources can you help? Yes we are FSC and PEFC Certified, see our Environment Tab for the back ground details. We can offer a CE2 marked plywood board in both softwood and hardwood. We have other sheet materials and timber which are also FSC/PEFC compliant.


FAQ: I want to make a raised bed for my vegetable garden, do you have treated timber which is safe to use in the garden for plants pets and children? Yes we can offer suitable treated timber for that project which uses perfectly safe chemicals for the preservative requirements.

Cut Products


Competitive pricing for both machining and supply.

Experienced timber personnel to offer any advice  required.

We handle bulk and small orders.

Machining facilities including large bulk requirements

We can machine your free issue material or we can supply and machine

Quality Control ensures your order is executed to your specification.

Send us your cutting requirements so we can use our software to optimise the board size to reduce your costs and waste

Pride in packaging and strapping We can pack / wrap / strap / label to your exact specification.

We are FSC and PEFC Certified as we care about the environment

Ample free parking for cars and space for HGV's to turn around

Delivery service

Credit card payment facilities or on account subject to status

Fork Lift Loading/unloading

About MDF Cutting & Sheet Cutting

When you are designing a project that requires the bespoke cutting of MDF and wooden sheets, it’s crucial that you find a good timber merchant to undertake the work.

One that specialises in this field is Booker Timber, an independent timber merchant with extensive expertise in MDF cutting and sheet cutting whether for bulk or small orders. In particular, this well-established timber merchant has invested in state-of-the-art technology for CNC cutting and CNC routing – but what can they do for you?

CNC Routing & CNC Cutting

CNC cutting and routing are techniques that have combine the power of computers with strong sheet cutting machinery to create a precision shape out of plywood, wood, plastic or MDF for the customer. CNC stands for computer numerically controlled.

CNC routing uses a computer-controlled router or milling machine to cut, shape, drill, mill and surface materials. This means the panel can be shaped to the customer’s design, whether they require desk drawers, speakers, grilles or decorative panels.

These processes use extremely large machines, often weighing tonnes, that can perform MDF cutting, plywood cutting, wood or plastic up to several inches thick. At Booker timber, the machinery includes some of the biggest cutting beam saws in the UK, which can handle sheets up to 6m long and up 3.8m wide.

The timber merchant combines the machinery with computer software to produce fast and accurate shapes to suit customers’ requirements, which are often provided as CAD (computer aided design) drawings. A timber merchant can also work from PDFs, or even drawings if the shapes are simple.

Benefits Of CNC Routing & CNC Cutting

CNC routing provides a high degree of accuracy, and the timber merchant will set a blade configuration with CNC routing that ensures the finished products are free of chips. The timber merchant can also use the computer software to ensure that the sheet cutting and MDF cutting are carried out in a way that maximises the use of the materials and reduces waste.

This is important as a way of keeping down the cost of your project – the less wood, plastic, plywood, chipboard or MDF is thrown away after the MDF cutting and sheet cutting, the less you need to buy in the first place.

Many industries – and companies both large and small – use the services of a timber merchant to provide precision-shaped components through the use of precision cutting. For instance, the packaging industry relies on segregation pieces cut to precise shapes by CNC cutting. The aerospace industry often requires sheet cutting into extremely complex shapes which are most easily provided by the use of CNC cutting and CNC routing.

MDF Cutting Needs

On the creative front, MDF cutting and sheet cutting are often required by people creating high-quality prototypes for their own inventions. CNC cutting techniques can also be extremely helpful to artists, joiners and manufacturers of highly-designed furniture.

Needless to say, it requires a well-trained team to make the most of the technology, and a timber merchant like Booker Timber has highly-qualified staff who can make the most of the software that links in with the CNC routing and CNC cutting. Customers are able to ask advice about the MDF cutting and sheet cutting they require, then send their designs and finally see the finished product after it has been through the CNC cutting and CNC routing process.

The products that can go through the cutting process are many and varied, and whichever is chosen will depend on suitability as a solution for the project that the customer requires. CNC cutting and CNC routing are ideal for MDF cutting, and for sheet cutting of materials that include plywood, chipboard, wood and plastic.

Varying thicknesses can also be accommodated – and the size of the CNC beam saws show the power that is required to deal with precision sheet cutting. They can cut sheet up to 90mm thick, and cut within an amazing accuracy of 0.1mm

Green MDF Cutting

The responsible sourcing of materials is also important. Booker Timber is a timber merchant that has achieved certification from the Forest Stewardship Council. This means they can work with customers to help them to buy forest products of all kinds for their CNC-cut products without worrying that they are contributing to the destruction of forestry around the world.

As a highly experienced timber merchant, Booker Timber can provide everything needed for MDF cutting, sheet cutting and all of your CNC cutting and CNC routing needs.

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